Yoga in the New Forest

 Gift yourself your own Personal Retreat.

Your resources to plan your Personal Retreat Day.

To make this a beautiful and Nurturing Retreat experience for yourself. Prepare your space for comfort. And have everything around you that you will need.

 Drink of water, mat, blanket, small cushion for comfort under head. Turn off any distractions and let people know you will be in Retreat for a couple of hours.

take a deep Breath this is YOUR TIME..........

An Hour long  Yoga Class. Incorporating a short Meditation to begin, Gentle nurturing movements and practices to increase vitality and wellbeing. Sowing the Seeds of Vitality. I do hope you enjoy. 
Deep Relaxation.
Settling into deep rest, we abide in self love, compassion and beauty towards ourselves.
Self Love Relaxation
00:00 / 24:15

 Yoga Nidra
( Deep Relaxation) 

How would it be to dedicate 20 minutes a day to sink into deep relaxation, letting go of tension, stress and finding connection- a reset for body and mind? 💚 


Here are just a few  benefits of Yoga Nidra - The yogic deep relaxation.

  • Yoga nidra counteracts stress and is prescribed by GPs in many countries.

  • Provides effective relief for depression and long standing anxiety.

  • It is an efficient way to obtain sleep.

  • Clears the mind for learning and absorbing new material.

  • Releases tension for body and mind.

  • Relaxes the mind.

  • Improves immunity of the body

  • Helps with creativity.