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If you can't go outside, go inside

Let us practice together in these difficult days. This is the perfect time to create a home retreat for yourself, making sure you nourish yourself with everything you need. Including your yoga practice...... I am committed to giving you, as far as I can, your weekly yoga without you having to leave the house!

Would you like to have access to live classes each week and a variety of different resources, videos, audios of relaxations and meditations and more, Enter the Portal........


The Yoga Portal is a password protected page where all the live ZOOM class links are and specially picked resources just for you. A kind of yoga retreat page where new practices are added weekly. 

To enter the YOGA PORTAL you will need to pay for a term pass  and receive a password from me. In the PORTAL you will have everything you need for each week. A place where you can retreat to do a short meditation, a relaxation, a full yoga class (either Gentle or Multilevel) and of course all the links to the live classes and other Goodies. You can do as much or as little as you like. You can join all the live classes if you would like each week. Details below of payment options.

I am so enjoying providing you with the online resources and live classes, and I look forward to seeing you in the zoom room.

Love and Prayers to you and yours 

xx Ruth xx.

Please get in touch if you are unable to afford the PORTAL we can work out a way. 

(You do need to download ZOOM to attend a live class. All details on how to do this are below on this page.) And I am available to help with ZOOM set up (remotely) if you are having difficulties. I feel I have become a bit of an expert! 

Live classes for you

Tuesday evening

7-45pm to 9-15pm MULTILEVEL YOGA CLASS

Wednesday morning classes


11-15am to 12-45pm GENTLE YOGA CLASS 

Thursday morning 

9-30am to 11am GENTLE YOGA CLASS

Drop-in  Student

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£10 per live class

  • By paying as you go you have the flexibility to drop in and out of classes.
  • This is a good way to try out the classes to see if they are for you before committing to the Term Pass.
You will receive a link to the class you would like to attend.
AND......If you find you enjoy the classes it is easy to switch you over so you can enter the Yoga Portal having access to all resources and classes.

Term Pass

Enter the Yoga Portal

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5 weeks  £50

(£10 a week)

July 6th to August 7th (5 weeks) 

(If you join later in the term the cost will be £10 a week for the remaining weeks)

        Enter the yoga Portal  

(on a password protected page) 

  • access to join all live classes during week

  • recordings of both multilevel and Gentle live classes in portal changed weekly to dip into at a later time

  • several beautiful audios of meditations, deep relaxations and practices. 

  • short videos of yoga flows and yoga for specific areas, for a more individualised practice. Or if you are needing a shorter practice

email me for payment details, links to live classes and access into YOGA PORTAL in advance ruth@yogainthenewforest.co.uk

We are having our class live online using Zoom.It will be wonderful if you can join us.

It takes a few moments to download Zoom and to get connected so please make sure you are all set up before the class so you don't miss any of the class sorting out your technology.

We can arrive in ZOOM earlier than the start of the class. I will be there 10 minutes before the zoom class begins to open up the room .

How to download Zoom

Whats this talk about ZOOM?

Well it allows us to all meet together, just like we would in class (but in zoom online live) connect and smile at each other, say hello just as we normally do when we arrive in class. Once we are settled we then all press the mute button (except me, i will press record) and off we go. At the end of the class we can unmute /stop recording and say our goodbyes until next time. 

As we all get familiar with ZOOM, can I ask that we prepare by downloading the zoom app on your computer etc... before the session.
And for the first couple of classes, until we get use to it, can I ask you to arrive in our ZOOM space 15 mins before the class begins, especially if you haven't done it before. We can then have a little hello together before we start and iron out any connectivity problems.

I do hope you can join me.........

A bit about ZOOM
The platform we will be using is ZOOM. It is easy to use.

You will need to install the zoom app or zoom on your computer before you get ready for the class. I have popped a link for it at the end of this email, and the instructions to join. Its very simple.

Once you have got the app on your phone, tablet or computer all you need to do is press the link for the class at the appropriate time. It may be easier to see on a larger screen than a phone as you will be practicing along with me. 

I will record the classes and they will be available online for a week for you to do again or to drop into at your own time. After a week it will be replaced by the next new class. And you are free to dip into any of the other online classes too. How exciting!

How to download Zoom