Take a moment...... breathe, rest and stretch.

Yoga brings us together and I am excited to continue our classes online.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed, sent photos of their beautiful  practice space, including some yogi dogs too. Makes my heart smile.

I am so pleased you are enjoying the online content. If you haven't discovered it yet please do have a browse I've been popping videos and audios on my website most days on the online Yoga page. Floor stretches, gentle yoga, multilevel, arm and shoulder stretches, immune strengthening pranayama, flows, meditations and relaxation. Go check it out below.

there is a donate button if you are a drop in student.


This week our live classes begin. Where we can meet online at our usual class time and see each other. It seems a bit odd to meet in this way at first, but my experience is it can work well, once everyone is set up. Because of social distancing this is a great way to stay connected right now.

The first session is always fun, as each person finds their way with technology, we will laugh a lot.

We can all meet together, just like we would in class (but in zoom) connect and smile at each other, say hello just as we normally do when we arrive in class. Once we are settled we then all press the mute button (except me, i will press record) and off we go. At the end off the class we can unmute /stop recording and say our goodbyes until next time. 


I do hope you can join me.........

Online Class Links Below

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Weekly LIVE ZOOM Classes

Please arrive in ZOOM earlier than the start of the class. I will be there 15mins early to say HI.


Tuesday-7-45pm to 9-15pm Multilevel Yoga


Wednesday- 9-30am til 11am Multilevel Yoga

            -11-15am til 12-45am Gentle Yoga


Thursday  --  9-30am to 11am Gentle Yoga

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The platform we will be using is ZOOM. It is easy to use.

You will need to install the zoom app or zoom on your computer before you get ready for the class. Here is a link to join                            


Its very simple.

Once you have got the app on your phone, tablet or computer all you need to do is press the link for the class at the appropriate time. It may be easier to see on a larger screen than a phone as you will be practicing along with me. 

I will record the classes and they will be available online for a week for you to do again or to drop into at your own time. After a week it will be replaced by the next new class. And you are free to dip into any of the other online classes too. How exciting!


We can have a tester meet on Monday 23rd March 10-30am 

to see how it all works  and after we have settled I will lead a beautiful calming meditation/relaxation  for us and to finish no later than 11-30am. So make sure you set up your mats and have your nesting blankets ready.


As we get to know ZOOM, can I ask that we prepare by downloading the zoom app on your computer etc... before the session.
And for the first couple of classes, until we get use to it, can I ask you to arrive in our ZOOM space 15 mins before the class begins, especially if you haven't done it before. We can then have a little hello together before we start and iron out any connectivity problems. Make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter ( form below) where updates will be sent out
I am looking forward to continuing our classes online.


With Hearts Love, gratitude and Blessings

Ruth xx