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Weekly LIVE ZOOM Classes


Please arrive a few minutes early in ZOOM with all that you will be needing for the class. I will be there 10 minutes before the class begins to welcome you.


7-45pm to 9-15pm Multilevel Yoga

Password: 020713


9-30am til 11am Multilevel Yoga

​password 054673


11-15am til 12-45am Gentle Yoga

Password: 020392


 9-30am to 11am Gentle Yoga

Password: 069794


Multilevel class bringing movement in to the upper back and chest.

Gentle class moving into the upper spine.

Multilevel class  making friends with our hamstrings. Perfect for stretching out after a run or if your hamstrings or calf muscles get tight.

Moving through a gentle class with focus on stretching the hamstrings and backs of the legs.

Short 20  minute core class on the floor suitable for all. 

Short standing stretches suitable for freeing up the spine or a little mini break from sitting at your desk.

Short practice to bring more mobility into the wrists, neck and feet.

Enjoy a 20 minute Multilevel Practice.

warming up the body with a couple of rounds of sun salutataions with some variations. 

Sink into a 40 minute Restorative Yoga class to feel rested and reset.
55 minute back care health class. You can pick from one of the deep relaxation audios below after this to complete your practice.

   Short Movement Flows

Lunge Flow

Pigeon Flow

Standing side stretch flow

 Yoga Nidra ( Deep Relaxation ) challenge

for 7 days.

How would it be to dedicate 20 minutes a day to sink into deep relaxation, letting go of tension, stress and finding connection- a reset for body and mind? 💚 
Here you will find a daily relaxation for 7 days.

Let the challenge begin. 
Some people after doing the challenge incorporate a relaxation into their daily practice as it reveals so many benefits. My personal experience of doing a regular relaxation practice is I find more productivity and creativity arise.

Here are just a few  benefits of Yoga Nidra - The yogic deep relaxation.

  • Yoga nidra counteracts stress and is prescribed by GPs in many countries.

  • Provides effective relief for depression and long standing anxiety.

  • It is an efficient way to obtain sleep.

  • Clears the mind for learning and absorbing new material.

  • Releases tension for body and mind.

  • Relaxes the mind.

  • Improves immunity of the body

  • Helps with creativity.

Yoga Nidra 7 day Challenge

DAY 1- A full body relaxation leading into a beautiful heart opening song.

Relax....Open the Heart
00:00 / 20:47

DAY 2- Sink into this peaceful place, relax and restore. This relaxation uses progressive muscle tension and relaxation.

Restore and Relax
00:00 / 25:20

DAY 3- A beautiful heart centred Nidra to feel safe and grounded.With the affirmation "I am at peace with the journey of life. I am safe"

I am safe and grounded
00:00 / 23:20
DAY 4- Todays Yoga Nidra brings us to a place where we can sow the seeds of our heartfelt desires into the hearts centre.
Heartfelt Intention Relaxation -
00:00 / 23:38

DAY 5- Settling into deep rest, we abide in self love, compassion and beauty towards ourselves.

Self Love Relaxation
00:00 / 24:15
DAY 6- Yoga Nidra inviting us into finding nourishment and release. Music of Sansula towards the end.  
Day 6- Nourish and Release with Sansula
00:00 / 21:23
Day 7 Live class recording. Body and Breath awareness, leading to a deeper connection with the heart. 
Heart Centered Relaxation
00:00 / 27:07

Audio Mediations

Heart Meditation - 03:04:2020, 21.29
00:00 / 04:19
Centering and Calming meditation - 30:03
00:00 / 09:41
Meditation for stressful times - 23:03:2
00:00 / 04:44
Heart and Earth guided meditation - 23:0
00:00 / 12:19
Immunity Boosting practice - 18:03:2020,
00:00 / 09:40

Nature Meditation

Find a moment to appreciate and relax into the awe and wonder of nature.

Meditation on Music

Bharita nourished - 04:04:2020,
00:00 / 02:14
Sit for a couple of minutes focusing on your soft breath and heart ...... let your self dissolve into this beautiful track.
Let it go - Internal music for dissolving.