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Here are some practices for you to enjoy in small manageable chunks, where you can tailor your practice to suit you.  I do hope you enjoy this small sample of movement, connection, meditation and relaxation...... if you are wanting more  please look at how to join the

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Gentle class exploring more freedom and ease in our body. With chair seated and standing flows and  somatic releasing movements.

20 minute practice exploring  floor stretches for a supple spine.

A Short Practice - part of the 21 days on your mat series. Inviting the body into twists. 


A 20 minute full body relaxation leading into a beautiful heart opening song. Song is "This Love is God" by Mooji Mala 

Relax....Open the Heart
00:00 / 20:47

I invite you to take this 10 minute meditation to find your peace and center.

Centering and Calming meditation - 30:03
00:00 / 09:41

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Today (March 17th 2020)  has been fun and a rather large learning experience for me, but I am in the process of recording  some videos for you. 

The biggest thing is finding a way to share them with you.


At the moment I have decided not to stream live videos via Zoom etc ( this may change of course, if this system is not right for our needs.) BUT My experience with zoom is …… using it for meetings and during our Teacher trainings is that the technical issues can be a little distracting and interference from connection issues can again take us away from the beautiful practice. I wanted to give you a seamless experience that you can drop into and let the stresses of life, particularly technical ones dissolve away!! Hopefully this will be the answer……and you will find some videos below.


As videos are large files, I have split each class into 3 parts. A beginning, middle and end of the class. The end (The relaxation) is the same for both Multilevel and Gentle classes. You will be able to watch them instantly by clicking on the video.


The videos here are for you to watch, I do hope you like them. 

I suggest you make your space to practice in comfortable, maybe lighting a candle burning some incense or essential oils, some water, making sure you have everything you need to hand (blankets and eye pillow cushions etc….), AND most importantly switching your phone onto “do not disturb” mode.