Ruth’s classes are a real treat.

She has an infectious enthusiasm for yoga. 

Highly recommend.

A great experience.

Dorothy 2018

Weekly Class Timetable

Monday Morning in Pilley 

One to One Therapeutic Yoga


Tuesday Morning in Pilley

One to One Therapeutic yoga  


Tuesday evening candle lit classes in Pilley

7-45pm to 9-15pm MULTILEVEL YOGA 


Launching NEW CLASS 21st April

6pm to 7-30pm    GENTLE SOMATIC YOGA


Wednesday morning classes in East Boldre

9-30am to 11am MULTILEVEL YOGA

11-15am to 12-45pm GENTLE YOGA  


Thursday morning Milford on Sea

9-30am to 11am GENTLE YOGA  

Yoga is for everyone, the classes above allow you to work at a level that's comfortable for you.

Classes are an hour and a half. They include;

  • Somatic yoga flows and yoga positions

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Breathing practices

  • Chanting mantra and meditation. 

All of the weekly classes integrate the Gentle Somatic Yoga flows. The multilevel yoga explores more dynamic movements and the gentle yoga offers a softer approach. If you are unsure which class to try please do get in touch and we can discuss which one may be best for you.

Class Guidelines

~Wear loose comfortable clothing for example; tracksuit, t-shirt etc, generally yoga is done barefoot.

~Leave 1½ - 2 hours after eating before coming to class so you will be comfortable during the movements.

~If you have a mat please bring it along, I do have some spare mats and blankets for students to borrow.

~Bring along a blanket or warm clothing for the meditation and relaxation.

~Please advise me at the start of class of any medical conditions, injury, pregnancy etc.

The Yoga classes run weekly in term time, there is something suitable for all abilities and experience, including beginners. 


Investment is £10 per class which is paid  in half termly blocks.........or the drop in price is £12 per class (providing there is space in the class).