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Weekly LIVE ZOOM Classes

Please arrive a few minutes early in ZOOM with all that you will be needing for the class. I will be there 10 minutes before the class begins to welcome you.


7-45pm to 9-15pm Multilevel Yoga

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9-30am til 11am Multilevel Yoga

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11-15am til 12-45am Gentle Yoga

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 9-30am to 11am Gentle Yoga

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 Yoga Nidra ( Deep Relaxation ) challenge

for 7 days.

How would it be to dedicate 20 minutes a day to sink into deep relaxation, letting go of tension, stress and finding connection- a reset for body and mind? 💚 
Here you will find a daily relaxation for 7 days.

Let the challenge begin. 
Some people after doing the challenge incorporate a relaxation into their daily practice as it reveals so many benefits. My personal experience of doing a regular relaxation practice is I find more productivity and creativity arise.

Here are just a few  benefits of Yoga Nidra - The yogic deep relaxation.

  • Yoga nidra counteracts stress and is prescribed by GPs in many countries.

  • Provides effective relief for depression and long standing anxiety.

  • It is an efficient way to obtain sleep.

  • Clears the mind for learning and absorbing new material.

  • Releases tension for body and mind.

  • Relaxes the mind.

  • Improves immunity of the body

  • Helps with creativity.

Yoga Nidra 7 day Challenge

DAY 1- A full body relaxation leading into a beautiful heart opening song.

Relax....Open the Heart
00:00 / 20:47

DAY 2- Sink into this peaceful place, relax and restore. This relaxation uses progressive muscle tension and relaxation.

Restore and Relax
00:00 / 25:20

DAY 3- A beautiful heart centred Nidra to feel safe and grounded.With the affirmation "I am at peace with the journey of life. I am safe"

I am safe and grounded
00:00 / 23:20
DAY 4- Todays Yoga Nidra brings us to a place where we can sow the seeds of our heartfelt desires into the hearts centre.
Heartfelt Intention Relaxation -
00:00 / 23:38

DAY 5- Settling into deep rest, we abide in self love, compassion and beauty towards ourselves.

Self Love Relaxation
00:00 / 24:15
DAY 6- Yoga Nidra inviting us into finding nourishment and release. Music of Sansula towards the end.  
Day 6- Nourish and Release with Sansula
00:00 / 21:23
Day 7 Live class recording. Body and Breath awareness, leading to a deeper connection with the heart. 
Heart Centered Relaxation
00:00 / 27:07

Gentle - Class 8 of "Kindling our Inner Sparkle."  Gentle breath and movement flows, opening to a grateful heart.


Multilevel - Class 8 of

"Kindling our Inner Sparkle"  Opening into a grateful heart with flows and breath.

Gentle - Class 7 of "Kindling our Inner Sparkle."  Breath connection and movement to soothe the nervous system. 


Multilevel - Class 7 of

"Kindling our Inner Sparkle" Soothing our nervous system and Enjoying movement flows  and  breath connection.

Love guides me towards wisdom and compassion and illuminates my heart and mind in this and every moment.

Gentle - Class 6 of "Kindling our Inner Sparkle."  settling in our receptive place....... and opening to a feel good flow. We explore various flows, inviting the body into strength, flexibility and freedom of movement.

Multilevel - Class 6 of

"Kindling our Inner Sparkle"

 settling in our receptive place....... and opening, we  explore various flows, inviting the body into strength, flexibility and freedom of movement.

Multilevel - Class 4 of "Kindling our Inner Sparkle"  exploring the movements of the spine to invite strength, flexibility and freedom of motion in our lives


Gentle - Class 4 of "Kindling our Inner Sparkle."  Gentle Spine as a Gateway to Health somatic flows to invite strength, flexibility and freedom

Gentle - Class 5 of "Kindling our Inner Sparkle."  Feeling the aliveness within you. Moving with awareness, watching how the breath can bring us deeper into movement, listening and connection. Heart belly breath, hands and knees flows, somatic bridge and back care.

Multilevel - Class 5 of "Kindling our Inner Sparkle"  When we remain mindful or heart-full and become aware of the breath ( prana or life force) that is running though us, we are able to consciously access that aliveness within us, the vitality of life.


Screenshot 2020-10-04 at 21.49.44.png

Multilevel - Class 3 of "Kindling our Inner Sparkle" With the focus on Gratitude we raise  our vibrational energy. Enjoying Sun salutations and variations and floorwork.


Gentle - Class 3 of "Kindling our Inner Sparkle."  Grateful heart,  Exploring seated and standing chair sequences, stretches and somatic flows.

Gentle - Class 2 of "Kindling our Inner Sparkle."  Embodying the quality of Ahimsa, pouring love into our practice. With prana flow .


Multilevel - Class 2 of "Kindling our Inner Sparkle" Meeting ourselves where we are in love and compassion.


Multilevel class. Class 1 of "Kindling our Inner Sparkle."  Removing obstacles exploring Ganesh Mudra with breath.  Side stretch  and lunge flow, incorporating self care massage and kapalabati. 

Gentle class. Class 1 of "Kindling our Inner Sparkle" Focusing on clearing energy with the Ganesh Mudra and inner listening. Movement into hips using  chair, hands and knees flows and supported fish sigh with self care massage



In the 21 days on your mat there are 15-20 minute practices to try out daily. You may like to move through the videos in order, or pick out the ones that you are drawn too. If you particularly like one practice and it feels great for you please do continue with it. Most practices can be done by all. But if you find the practice too challenging or want something different simply enjoy another one. Or explore the other practices in the portal. I would recommend you complete your practice with settling at the beginning and a deep relaxation to finish, depending on the amount of time you have. I do hope you will enjoy these resources as much as i enjoyed putting them together for you.

With hugeous hearts love

Ruth xx

Join me in Exploring Yoga through the qualities of the 5 elements..... earth, water, fire, air and ether. There are full Gentle and Multilevel classes dedicated to each of the five elements, so you can choose your level. Starting with the most tangible element, Earth, and ending with the most subtle Ether.

Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 20.07.00.png

 5 elements relaxations

Earth grounding relaxation with sound ba
00:00 / 23:29

Earth Relaxation with sound bath and Affirmation 


I am Grounded

My Spirit is grounded deep into the Earth

I am calm, strong, centred and peaceful.

I am able to let go of fear and trust that I am entirely safe.

I am worthy of all things Beautiful.

Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 20.07.00.png


Water flow
00:00 / 21:34

Relaxation with Meditation on Breath.

Constructive rest
Lie on your back with knees bent, feet hip width so that the knees are comfortably balanced. Support under head and neck so that the back of neck and throat are equal and forehead and chin are about the same height.
Hands resting on belly. Breathe into the belly feeling the hands rise, long exhalations (without forcing) softening, relaxing and letting go of all you need to let go of.