Nourishment of the Soul

9am til 1pm 

Online Zoom Program



I invite you to PAUSE .......put aside time for yourself to immerse in the healing nurturing 

practices of yoga.


Hello Loves

I am excited to be sharing this yoga Immersion online.

I would like for you to, just for a moment, imagine a swan.

Beautiful and serene....... what is happening under the water?     they are paddling like mad to stay afloat. Not too dissimilar from what we can feel in life. How can we keep ourselves afloat when stressful things arise unexpectedly? 

Have you ever felt a sense of tightness around the chest or tummy, panic, nausea or feeling of overwhelm.

What settles you, soothes you and gently brings you back to centre?

We will be exploring  practices to aid us into gliding like a swan effortlessly, in the Immersion Day, which is a live online 4 hour event.

This will be a gentle day, giving nourishment to ourselves on ALL levels.

The day will include:

Somatic yoga movements (inviting release of tensions and "stuck" energy in our body)

Learning some simple rituals that you can bring into your life to shed that heavy feeling.

Exploring breathwork techniques to bring calmness to our nervous system.  

AND Sink into deep healing rest with sound bowls and soft percussive sounds.

I am looking forward to bringing you balance.

With hugeous love 

Ruth xx

The Immersion will include.......

  • A nourishing hour and a half yoga practice exploring movements to release and let go of tensions and stress. Opening up the body to more freedom of movement. This will set the tone for the rest of the immersion.

  • Beautiful self love rituals with guided meditations.

  • Experience breathwork techniques to bring calmness to our system.

  • Self reflection, intention and connection

  • AND then.......Sink into the depths of deep Hearts Rest with the sounds of bowls, and sound instruments to aid in your total relaxation and stress relief.

As we Let go of stress we feel more relaxed and uplifted. This day will be very experiential, where you can immerse yourself fully, giving time for investigation and reflection. This immersion Retreat is available to all abilities - beginner or experienced.. Let us come together to find nourishment of the soul, shedding all that is Heavy for us and to Settle the Body and Mind. 💖

I look forward to seeing you then.

Investment £35

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