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Gentle Therapeutic Yoga

Gentle Yoga classes are for those who are looking for gentler stretches and movements, or working with range of motion issues, who have arthritis, back ache, injury or ME. Beginners are welcome at these classes.

The class involves gentle somatic yoga flows and modified yoga postures, finishing with a deep relaxation, breathing practices and meditation. 

In Person  Class

Wednesdays 11-15am til 12-45pm

at East Boldre

ONLINE YOGA and Yoga Portal 24/7 resource bank


Ruth’s classes are a real treat.

She has an infectious enthusiasm for yoga. 

Highly recommend.

A great experience.

Dorothy 2018

A little note...... back health

and care


If you are finding you have back ache whether it be tension, stiffness, soreness, sciatica etc..... 

The gentle yoga class will go through gentle strengthening movements and stretches to give you more range of motion and finding nurturing positions to ease a painful back so it can heal quickly.
It is so important to feel safe in our movements..... The aim is to have the freedom to move about doing the things we love without any discomfort. Ruth Bush has completed the Yoga for Healthy Backs training and regularly runs 12 week courses for back health.

I've been attending Ruth's classes for about 14 years. I love them because they not only help me stay flexible and strong, but also give me a chance to pause my busy life and breathe. I really like the lack of pressure to perform or excel, and instead to do what is right for me at that moment. When I leave the class, I feel so much better able to deal with whatever life throws at me.

Sally 2018

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