Dear Yogis,

We are beginning a new term next week.....I am excited to share with you that we will be exploring yoga through the qualities of the 5 elements.... earth, water, fire, air and ether in our classes.

Each week will be dedicated to one of the five elements. Starting with the most tangible element, Earth, and ending with the most subtle Ether. Each element offers unique qualities which we will explore through beautiful movement flows (Hatha), meditation, pranayama and deep relaxations. 


If you would like to join me for the next terms adventure...... please do ping me an email with your next instalment. Details of payment options below.

I will be sending out the new password to the Yoga Portal ( where all the links and resources are)


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Take a moment...... breathe, rest and stretch.

Weekly LIVE ZOOM Classes

Please arrive a few minutes early in ZOOM with all that you will be needing for the class. I will be there 10 minutes before the class begins.


7-45pm to 9-15pm Multilevel Yoga


9-30am til 11am Multilevel Yoga

11-15am til 12-45am Gentle Yoga


 9-30am to 11am Gentle Yoga

Payment Options Below

Payment options below

The Vision for the Future and Payment Options

It is not looking like we will be meeting back physically in class until Jan 2021. I thought it may be September, but the logistics of us coming together inside with the distancing restrictions and wearing masks is just not feasible. Also quite a number of you have said,  because of vunerability yourself or of loved ones, it would not be possible to meet in person until things are far more settled. So the classes and resources will remain online for the foreseeable future. If things change I will let you all know. We are so lucky to be able to continue the beautiful practices of yoga together in our own homes.


The Yoga Portal is becoming a staple part of a weekly practice for many of us. Its so lovely to hear people enjoying several recordings each week as well as dipping into more than one live zoom class. It really is working..... you pay £10 a week and get access to everything, as much or as little as you wish. I am enjoying keeping the portal fresh and inviting for you each week.


 If you wish to continue with the live zoom classes and portal with me, it is time to ping me your next instalment for this next terms adventure. Below are the payment options........

It is quite an exciting term as 5 weeks of the next term will be as usual, the portal will be open and live classes will be running.

Then in august for 3 weeks (10th August to 31st Aug) we will be going into Summer school mode. During Summer school there will be no live zoom classes ( I will be taking a break visiting family)..... BUT I will have prepared and recorded in advance for you a new yoga course Yoga for daily Health and Wellbeing.Which will be in the yoga portal during the summer school period. This will be in addition to all the resources available in the Portal already. The course will be a series of short manageable yoga practices including morning and evening practices, back care etc..... so you can continue your yoga practice.


Here are the payment options 

1)The new term Yoga through the 5 elements - Earth , Water, Fire, Air and Fire. July 6th to August 7th (5 weeks) £50 - Zoom classes and Yoga Portal.

2)"Summer school" 10th Aug to 31st Aug (3 weeks) £30 Access to Yoga for daily health and wellbeing a new yoga recorded course plus access to the Portal resources 

3) Discounted £70 for all of the above 8 weeks of luscious yoga ...... Both Term and Summer school.

Drop-in  Student

£10 per live class

  • By paying as you go you have the flexibility to drop in and out of classes.
  • This is a good way to try out the classes to see if they are for you before committing to the Term Pass.
You will receive a link to the class you would like to attend.
AND......If you find you enjoy the classes it is easy to switch you over so you can enter the Yoga Portal having access to all resources and classes.

Term Pass

Enter the Yoga Portal

5 weeks  £50

(£10 a week)

6th July to 7th August - 5 weeks 

(If you join later in the term the cost will be £10 a week for the remaining weeks)

        Enter the yoga Portal  

(on a password protected page) 

  • access to join all live classes during week

  • recordings of both multilevel and Gentle live classes in portal changed weekly to dip into at a later time

  • several beautiful audios of meditations, deep relaxations and practices. 

  • short videos of yoga flows and yoga for specific areas, for a more individualised practice. Or if you are needing a shorter practice.

Yoga brings us together and I am excited to continue our classes online during this difficult time we are all facing.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed, your encouraging words and feedback have meant a lot to me whilst we transition into this online way of being together. 

All classes are live online now........ we can still meet online at our usual class time and see each other and respect the social distancing, it is a great way to stay connected. The classes so far have been a huge success and I am already looking forward seeing you all next week. 

This is how it works
We all arrive in ZOOM, just like we would in class, we can see each other, connect and smile and say our hellos just as we normally do when we arrive in class. Once we are settled we then all press the mute button (except me, I will press record) and off we go. At the end off the class we can unmute /stop recording and say our goodbyes until next time. 


I do hope you can join me.........

The platform we will be using is ZOOM. It is easy to use.

You will need to install the zoom app or zoom on your computer before you get ready for the class. Here is a link to join                            


Its very simple.

Once you have got the app on your phone, tablet or computer all you need to do is press the link for the class at the appropriate time. It may be easier to see on a larger screen than a phone as you will be practicing along with me. 

I will record the classes and they will be available online in the YOGA PORTALfor a week for you to do again or to drop into at your own time. After a week it will be replaced by the next new class. And you are free to dip into any of the other online classes too.


You will need to prepare by downloading the zoom app on your computer etc... before the session.
And can I ask you to arrive in our ZOOM space a few minutes before the class begins. We can then have a little hello together before we start. 

Make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter where updates will be sent out
I am looking forward to seeing you all again.

With Hearts Love, gratitude and Blessings

Ruth xx

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