Yoga packages, courses and bundles

Yoga Portal access until

21st Feb


Live classes and Yoga Portal

Calm and Centered 

We will be exploring

Stress reducing practices with healing somatic flows to feel connected and whole, with focus to our physical centre, our core strength. 


Exploring Yoga through the 5 Elements

Earth, water, fire, air and ether. Over 10 hours of videos, both Gentle and Multilevel, with mudras affirmations and relaxations. 



Other Options

Various prices depending on package

  • Weeks Trial for yoga Portal  £10

  • Live class pass £12 per class

  • 21 Days on your Mat £21

  • Yoga through the 5 Elements £35

  • All in Yoga Portal - all live classes and resources included.

Yoga Immersion 

Nourishment of the Soul


Yoga Mini Retreat

 9am til 1pm 

Online Zoom Program



21 Days on your Mat

A 21 day Course with bitesized  manageable classes of 15/20mins each day.

Inspiring and guiding you in a daily practice on your mat.




Yoga Portal

Feb 22nd to April 18th 


Weekly Live Zoom Classes

Yoga Portal Resources

 inclusive of all courses

£60 for 8 weeks.

A weeks trial of the yoga Portal is £10 please email me.