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Yoga Portal

April 19th to June 7th 

Live classes and Yoga Portal

The theme for this term is 

 "Seeds of Vitality"

 Connected in Heart we explore planting resourceful practices in movement, breath, relaxation and meditation.... to grow and expand into our vitality.

£60 for 7 weeks.

Deep Dive

90 minute 1 to 1 Coaching session to explore deeply an area of your life that needs to change...what may be holding you back from your dream life.

This includes a free exploratory call.

Other Options

Various prices depending on package

Exploring Yoga through the 5 Elements

A 5 week course with Gentle and Multilevel recorded videos, relaxations and practices.

Earth, water, fire, air and ether. Over 10 hours of videos, both Gentle and Multilevel, with mudras affirmations and relaxations. 



Becoming Radiance

3 Month Transformational Course

True freedom is letting go of that which holds us back and stepping into all possibilities within us to shine our brightest.

Recorded videos,

Live online sessions

Private facebook group 

Yoga Immersion 

Nourishment of the Soul


Deeply nourishing

 Mini Yoga Retreat

 9am til 1pm 

Online Zoom Program



You Look Good in your Higher Self

Coaching Packages 

5 or10 weekly 1 to 1

Coaching sessions

First session 90 mins and

then approx 60 minutes.

Free exploratory call

Email support throughout sessions 

21 Days on your Mat

A 21 day Course with bitesized  manageable classes of 15/20mins each day.

Inspiring and guiding you in a daily practice on your mat.



Contact Information:

mobile : 07889689649