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Yoga one to one session

A private yoga session is a beautiful opportunity to work one-to-one with Ruth. These sessions are great if you are new to yoga or if you wish to go deeper into your existing practice. Some people prefer working individually than in a group, some like to have a few one to ones to gain confidence before coming to a group class. The one to ones will be online and you will be given an individual link to the session. 

The one to one session will be tailored to your needs. For example it could include;

  • Healing Somatic Movement flows to ease physical discomfort or tension.

  • Investigate and experience various yoga practices in a safe environment suited to your needs. This can be related to a specific body area e.g. the core, hips, knees, back 

  • Explore meditation techniques and find an inner connection for health and wellbeing. During the session various meditation techniques can be experienced to find the one that is right for you. 

  • Learning Breathing techniques to release stress and anxiety or restore energy and vitality.

  • Develop strength in the core and pelvic floor by Learning Hypopressives technique in a series of sessions.

  • Back care yoga, learn practices to relieve pain, heal and strengthen the back. Ruth is a fully trained Yoga for Healthy backs teacher.

Please email me to arrange a time for us to clarify how I can help you.


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