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Yoga Class


Short daily Yoga Practices to Move and Feel better.

3 week Online course

Welcome to our Online School 

A 3 week online yoga course designed to help you 

Relieve Stiffness 

Develop Strength  

Reduce Stress 


Enjoyable and achievable sessions that keep you coming back to your mat, ensuring consistency in your practice.

Noticeably feel better in just 10 minutes a day.


This course includes specific practices to ease common ailments such as back pain, stiff shoulders, and neck tension. We will enjoy learning Somatic movement flows to increase flexibility and movement and reduce pain. (See below for the benefits of Somatic yoga)

The short videos and audios offer you a variety of practices, including standing, seated, and floor movements and stress-releasing techniques, including meditations and relaxations.


You'll have the flexibility to choose from a range of sessions that fit into your daily routine, ensuring you can practice anytime, anywhere.


You will find everything you need to maintain a consistent practice to keep you happy inside and out, right here on this website.

What you will get

  • Access to the course page where you will find......

  • 21 videos of around 10 minutes that you can progress through, including strengthening practices and somatic flows - to ease pain and stiffness and develop strength and stability.

  • A variety of short relaxations for stress relief

  • A variety of short meditations to centre and settle the body. 

  • A relaxation specifically to prepare for sleep. ( you can pop it on and then drift away to sleep) 

  • An email each day, during the 3 week course, to keep you engaged and motivated to get on your mat. You can activate this when you decide to begin the course, or anytime in the future if you want to start again.

  • Live Zoom class Thursday 29th August 9-30am til 11am which will be recorded and popped into your course page for you to enjoy. 

  • Course will be here for you 24/7, on this website, to keep returning to in your own time.

   Plus Bonus material

Your own retreat day practices which include ;

  • longer relaxation around 20 mins 

  • Two 30 minute longer movement practices

  • Centering meditation

Course starts 1st August 2024 where you will be given full access to the course and how to log in. 

Book Now £50

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If you would prefer to pay via bank transfer I would love that as it gives me a chance to say hello (and avoids charges on Paypal).

Bank Transfer and email me for confirmation and set up details.

Ruth Bush 



Benefits of Somatic Yoga

  • Deep Stress Release: Somatic yoga focuses on body awareness and gentle movement, allowing you to release stored tension and emotional baggage.

  • Improved Body Awareness: By focusing on internal sensations, somatic yoga helps you understand your body's unique needs and limitations.

  • Increased Flexibility and Mobility: Gentle stretches and mindful movement patterns can improve your range of motion and make everyday activities easier.

  • Pain and Tension Reduction: By addressing the root causes of pain in the body, somatic yoga can offer relief from chronic aches and discomfort.

  • Mindfulness and Presence: Somatic yoga brings together breathing and awareness of yourself, helping you become more present in the moment and manage stress more effectively.

Book Now £50

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Meet Your Teacher
Ruth Bush

Hi I'm Ruth,

I look forward to welcoming you onto the course where I guide you along the way in movement and connection with yourself. 


Let's move and feel better together, 10 minutes at a time.


Highlights of the Course:

  • Daily 10-Minute Practices: Quick, effective sessions designed to fit into your busy schedule.

  • Movement practices to develop strength, keep you moving and ease those stiff bits.

  • Ease Common Ailments: Targeted practices for back pain, stiff shoulders, and neck tension.

  • Somatic Movement Flows: Simple movements that promote ease of movement and flexibility.

  • Meditation and Relaxation: Techniques to release stress and cultivate inner peace.

  • Heart-Centered Approach: Gentle, Compassionate guidance for all levels.

  • Accessible 24/7: Practice anytime, anywhere with on-demand video sessions. The course is yours to keep returning to in your own time.

  • A variety of Practice Options: Standing, seated, and floor practices to suit your needs.

Join me to move with more ease, feel better, and get stronger in just 10 minutes at a time.

Book Now £50

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