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What people say ........


Ruth’s classes are a real treat.

She has an infectious enthusiasm for yoga. 

Highly recommend.

A great experience.

Dorothy 2018

"I have been attending Ruth’s Gentle Yoga classes for a number of years now and enjoy them a lot. We do not attempt many classical yoga postures but work on keeping the whole body flexible through a variety of less demanding routines and exercises. We also receive a gentle exposure to other aspects of yogic practice, such as breathing techniques and chanting and finish each session with much-needed deep relaxation.


It is a friendly group of - generally - older people but it does vary and, although there is a longstanding core group, we benefit from leavers and new starters each term, each new starter bringing a fresh “buzz” to the class. 


Ruth herself is a very competent and caring teacher who is concerned to ensure that we operate safely within our own capabilities. We also have a lot of fun as she has a very relaxed approach to the class and the group feel comfortable sharing their thoughts about some of the exercises and, occasionally, far less serious issues! 


It’s a great class, good for the soul as well as the body. I would recommend it to anyone."


Yoga by the Sea

“  I started Ruth’s yoga class expecting the usual plentiful yoga benefits for my body in response to recovering from CFS. I was not expecting the huge emotional healing process that began. What an utter joy. After completing talking therapy I had now found the missing link to heal that talking couldn’t reach. I thank you Ruth, and so does my heart.”

Danielle 2018

"I've been attending Ruth's classes for about 14 years. I love them because they not only help me stay flexible and strong, but also give me a chance to pause my busy life and breathe. I really like the lack of pressure to perform or excel, and instead to do what is right for me at that moment. When I leave the class, I feel so much better able to deal with whatever life throws at me."


"I left feeling nurtured, energised and peaceful."


Laughing Yoga

"A lot of thought and love went into planning and running this retreat day, and it really showed. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and the sound bath was a wonderful experience."

Charlotte 2017

"Ruths yoga class is  like a haven in my week, the class has just the right balance of smiles and work, we stretch and strengthen our bodies and give our minds space and focus. Still loving my weekly session after 14 years."


"An amazing uplifting , nurturing experience. Ruth is a fantastic teacher with a kind loving energy."


"I Lost myself in beautiful music, movement and realised a new level of spiritual connection. Thank you."


"The whole retreat day is well balanced and relaxing. A great break from everyday life! "


"Yoga for backs class.  I have done yoga for many years and wondered if I would learn anything and I did. It has been informative, recuperative and I met lovely people."

M. Holbury

"I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the stretches and I feel they have eased several areas of my back. Thank you Ruth."


"A wonderful class for those who have or are experiencing back pain. All very positive and welcoming."


Yoga by the Sea

"Yoga for backs class. This has given me the confidence to deal with the low moments and given me loads of energy and to believe that by exercise you see improvements. Yoga has now become a part of my life."


"Ruth is a very professional and caring teacher who knows how to put people at ease."


"Ruth is so encouraging. She helps you realise that you can bring core practice into everyday living like the supermarket queue! Thank you for putting me on track."


Laughing Yoga

"Many thanks for an energising and healing course and for the light, enthusiasm and safe holding of this space. Thank you."


"In our mad, hectic world, it's great to be able to take time out and share this fascinating and peaceful experience."


"Mind, body and soul relaxed, nourished and happy - Thank you very much." 


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