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 Ruth Bush (Manorama)

 BSc(hons), PGCE, Dip Ed 


Hi I am Ruth. 

I am founder of Yoga in the New Forest and have been working in the area of self development and growth for over 20 years.

What makes my heart sing is to see peoples lives transformed by yoga and these powerful healing practices.

I first discovered yoga in my early 20s whilst studying at University. The tools and practices of yoga just blew me away. It was like having a guide book on how to navigate being a human being! I began threading the practices into my daily life and seeing such wonderful benefits..... feeling so connected and learning how to nurture and heal myself. 

It has totally transformed my life….. and I am so hugely grateful for this and my continued growth and learning.

Yoga has become my way of life and it fills me with delight and joy to spread the teachings to you.

"Ruth infuses a happy, playful positivity practicing gentleness and understanding with those she teaches."


My style is heart based and intuitive, weaving somatic movement flows with traditional yoga practices, settling body, heart and mind to working in harmony together. I Bring you classes, workshops, courses and one to ones where a deeper and more individualistic approach can be nurtured and explored.

The key is LOVE and infusing all that I do with love brings us to a place of softness and openness to healing.

Using these powerful techniques and experience brings me to a place that I can inspire and help others in their growth and healing.

I am based in the New Forest, UK for in person trainings and online for those who are further away. There are no boundaries in how the teachings are shared now. 

Nature feeds me and I am grateful to spend each day rain or shine  walking in the forest with Baloo, my beautiful dog, who features on Instagram . I have two children who have flown the nest  who I am hugely proud of.

Ruth Bush yoga in the new forest

Professional Qualifications

I love to keep fresh and alive in my practice, so my growth and development in these areas are a big priority for me, and to then share that inspiration with you.

I have a degree in Psychology , MA and Post graduate Teaching qualifications. Plus, over 1000 hours of yoga qualifications. Including Leading Teacher Training programs with Heart of Living Yoga. I am a Love and Authenticity Practitioner/ Coach, Somatic yoga teacher, Reiki 1 and 2 practitioner, Hypopressives facilitator, counsellor and at present deepening my experience and knowledge of healing energy work with the Whole Healing course. I have been interested in mind body practices for as long as I can remember. 

To gain a greater appreciation of yoga I have  enjoyed additional training in meditation, gentle yoga and relaxation, yoga for ME, children’s yoga, therapeutic yoga, pre and post natal yoga, Gentle Somatic yoga, Heart of Living Yoga Teacher Trainer certification and yoga for healthy lower backs.

And I regularly attend and teach on various retreats, trainings and workshops.

Ruth Bush Yoga in the New Forest

Some thoughts....

Yoga has taught me

  • to be more compassionate to myself and others. 

  • to know myself more deeply

  • love myself more fully

  • how to relax

  • to bring more simplicity into my life

  • how to move my body safely

  • how to heal physical issues

  • to be positive 

  • to be present and mindful

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