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Yoga to Soothe Stiffness .

7 Weeks to a Happier Body

Relieve common ailments with these simple and effective yoga practices.


 We begin the live zoom classes week beginning June 3rd for


7 glorious weeks!

Online Yoga

3rd June til 31st August

 tune in online when it suits you, it's all in the Yoga Portal 24/7 for you. Or join in the live classes. All classes are recorded and popped into the Portal for you to enjoy.

Dates for the live classes are

June 4th, 6th, 11th, 13th, 18th, 20th, 25th, 27th

July 2nd, 4th, 9th, 11th, 16th, 18th. 

Investment £80

(less than £10 a week for 2 live classes and Yoga Portal)

BANK TRANSFER AND EMAIL for confirmation and set up details.

Ruth Bush 



Heart Centered Yoga Classes

Live ZOOM Classes

Tuesday Multilevel yoga

7-45pm to 9-15pm

Thursday Gentle yoga

 9-30am to 11am 

Join the Yoga Portal and ZOOM live classes 

An Online Community with Live classes and 24/7 access to Yoga Portal. Everything yoga.. classes, courses, meditations and relaxations. 

💚 Heart centered yoga practices.💚

Suitable for ALL, if you have a body and wish to connect deeply with yourself this is for you.

A Hearts desire, bringing possibilities to create our experience of the beautiful life we are living.

NOW Until August 31st 

 Access to EVERYTHING in Yoga Portal and live zoom classes 

investment £80

 Pay BY Bank Transfer 

(less than £10 a week for 2 live classes and Yoga Portal)

Ruth Bush 



  • You would be gifting yourself more peace of mind.

  • Establishing a routine of movement, energy management and meditation to build resilience.

  • Building up a bank of resources and tools to combat stress

  • Using sound and mantras to settle and calm the body

  • Breath practices and meditation tools

  • Somatic movement flows to reset and release tensions and tightness in the body.

  • Reflective stories and readings weaved into a heart warming class.

  • Deep healing rest and relaxation.

  • And being part of a kind and loving online community.

The Yoga Portal and online zoom classes.
What you will be getting(in addition to this terms classes and recordings.) 
Access to all of the series and courses below and the weekly live zoom classes.


Begin Again -
Getting back into the flow of practice 


Screenshot 2020-09-06 at 18.55.19.png

21 Days on your Mat

15-20 minute practices to develop a daily practice



Mobility and Alignment
Classes to focus on improved posture, feel stronger and more confidence in your movements.


Hand Gesture

Heart Meets Body
moving body, calming mind, connecting to heart to nurture all of us inside and out.



Integrated Core
exploring  movement flows to refine and tone the core, in a gentle yet effective way for better posture and strength. 


Enliven your practice with vital energy, and feel more relaxed and joyful.


2F9A9504 2.jpeg

Flowing with Grace
inviting fluidity of movement and revealing the beauty within.



Kindling your Inner Sparkle
Topping up our inner cup so we feel vibrant, both inside and out.


Back Care
Assessable Back care short practices to strengthen and ease back discomfort and pain.


Blissful Flow 
Nurturing Peace of Mind and Graceful Motion.



Stress Reducing Practices



Yoga for the Real World
Yoga practices to build resourcefulness. Stress relief, relaxations, breath, meditations and movement flows to keep our bodies happy inside and out. 


Spring Awakening
Exploring practices for awakening our vitality. Moving with awareness and new found energy.



Lengthen the Exhale 

  movement and practices for relieving stress and anxiety.

Screenshot 2020-05-23 at 06.57.18.png

Seeds of Vitality
Connected in Heart we explore planting resourceful practices in movement, breath, relaxation and meditation.... to grow and expand into our vitality.


Calm and Centered
We explore stress reducing practices with healing somatic flows to feel connected and whole. We give focus to our physical centre and core. 

Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 20.07.00.png

Yoga and the 5 Elememts
Join me in Exploring Yoga through the qualities of the 5 elements..... earth, water, fire, air and ether.


Yoga Nidra 7 Day Challenge
Here you will find a daily relaxation for 7 days.



Hips, Shoulders and Back
 We will explore some movement flows to open up the hips, shoulders and back plus some delicious relaxations and meditations to tune us into our grateful hearts.

Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 14.39.47.jpeg

A Recipe for Wellnes

each week, we explore a theme of movement to free up a different area of the body and weave joyful practices to connect and stay motivated on our mats.


Doorway to Possibility

Within you are the seeds of something new.We will delight in the possibilities of movement, breath, meditation and relaxation.


Surviving to Thriving
Practices for Wellness

  exploring movement, breath and relaxation for our increased health and wellbeing. 

Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 19.45.29.png

Curiosity and Playfulness
A 6 week series to invite more playfulness and curiosity into our movements to increase mobility


Freedom and Ease
Weaving in feel good flows of movement to awaken the body into greater freedom of movement


5 Elements Relaxations


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