Somatic Yoga

Therapeutic healing yoga

Finding ease of movement through gentle movement flows.

The practice of somatic yoga brings us to a beautiful connection with ourselves and the potential to bring more ease within the body. 

The somatic therapeutic yoga offer the body new ways of movement, which can release underlying tensions and tightness. We begin to listen profoundly to our bodies and invite change with these subtle movement flows. It is that subtlety that provides deep and profound experience(s) of your own self which can lead to healing.

We can learn though the somatic therapeutic flows about our own bodies, how they develop movement patterns and habits of moving which sometimes are not helpful for us. We can then offer gentle corrective movement into the body with kindness and using the breath to soften which in turn brings  increasing range of movement.

All of the weekly classes integrate the Somatic yoga flows. The multilevel yoga explores more  dynamic movements and the gentle yoga offers a more softer,  approach. 

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