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Mini Retreat


 Sunday 12th MARCH 2023  

9-15am til 12pm 


Reset, relax and nurture with soothing practices for releasing stress, rebalancing your body, with somatic movement flows for physical release and ease.

In Person Events at 

Boldre Memorial hall

Pilley St, Lymington SO41 5QG

Sunday  12TH March 2023



Ruth Bush 110501   10500061

and email me to say hello 

Join us for a relaxing and nurturing morning, soothing and balancing your  mind and body. 


This day will be a beautiful opportunity for you to relax, let go of stress and connect with yourself.


When we let go of stress and tension in our bodies and mind, it allows our nervous system to reset and we feel more relaxed and uplifted.

During the morning you will experience the spaciousness to connect with yourself. You will be guided in relaxing heart lead meditations. Practicing tools to reduce your stress and anxiety and to feel more positive and peaceful. Leaving feeling refreshed, nourished, and so much lighter.

  • Guided Heart Meditation to connect and ground yourself.

  • Movement to free the body, using gentle somatic movement flows accessible to all.

  • Simple practices to soothe the body and mind 

  • Relaxation Sound Bath with wind gong, Drum, bowls and percussive instruments.

  • Music , chanting and conection with others. 

  • This will be a gentle morning, giving nourishment to ourselves on ALL levels.

  • The Mini Retreat is available to all abilities - beginner or experienced.

I love to incorporate essential oils during  the Mini Retreats as it deepens the experience, helps set intentions, grounding and pure delight  for our senses. You will be gifted a sample bottle of essential oil to continue to enjoy and use after the event. 

I am looking forward to being with you all.

With hugeous love 

Ruth xx

Sunday  12th march 2023



Ruth Bush 110501   10500061

and email me to say hello 

Spaciousness to Let Go  

During your Mini Yoga Retreat you will be guided into nourishing practices to settle your nervous system, with an invitation to move, sing, relax and let go of lifes challenges for a while. 



"I so loved the day Ruth, as always such a nurturing experience. You created a beautiful place to share practice in a safe and loving way, an invitation to be gentle with myself. Just what I needed."

"I feel energised and relaxed. I enjoyed the sound baths and stillness with awareness."

"I enjoyed the oneness and sense of change in my body, releasing areas of tightness."

"An amazing uplifting , nurturing experience. Ruth is a fantastic teacher with a kind loving energy."
Yoga by the Sea

"Lovely Mini Retreat today, thank you SO much. Sound bath was so refreshing.

Taking time for me after a busy few weeks was so needed. It was a restful experience. I am feeling more connected now. Deepening personal goals through these practices. Thank you"

"I loved the feeling of the drum close to me, it felt amazing. I enjoyed the whole experience.  It was a really beautiful morning. 

I loved the sound bath, I felt peaceful and relaxed. This true time just for myself. It was a real gift of self love coming here today"

Laughing Yoga

" I enjoyed the relaxation and particularly the sound/ gong session. The drum was also amazing, resonating deeply frequency wise within my body. The physical releases  felt and vibrational frequencies felt within my body  were divine."

"I left feeling nurtured, energised and peaceful."

" The mini retreat was a very well balanced and beautiful morning, nothing to improve on ."

" I am already looking  forward to the next one."

Let us come together to find ease,

 Shedding all that is heavy,

  Leaving us feeling peaceful, settled and rested. 💖


Booking a Private Mini Retreat Event


 book a private Mini retreat for a group experience.

Please email me for dates and booking info.

During the session we can tailor the movement practice to fit with your groups experience and needs. I am very good at adjusting  the practice so it is inclusive for all. And if it is for a birthday or hen party etc we can include practices to make it super special and a memorable experience.

The type of yoga I teach is heart centered,  so as well as the movements there will be sound, guided meditation, essential oils,  and a sound bath at the end. A holistic experience to nurture all of you. Please see above for more details.

You will come away feeling refreshed and rested. 

It will be a beautiful experience for all.

To Book please email me and we can talk about dates.

To avoid disappointment booking early is recommended.

The investment for a morning session 9-30 til 12pm is £400


The Private Mini Retreat includes

  • The hire of the hall.

  • My travel to and from the venue, in Pilley just outside Lymington.

  • Mats, blankets, blocks and eye pillows to use during the session.

  • A mornings Retreat experience.

  • A sample of essential oil to take away with you. 


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