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"One of the many reasons I practice yoga is to be keep mobile and to keep the strength in my body. I used to have recurring back pain and now I do not have this pain anymore which was impacting my life so much."


INVESTMENT £240 for 8 in-person sessions 

Please email me to book


  •  Learning and familiarising ourselves with a simple core practice, that is easy to incorporate into our lives. Helping to stabilise and strengthen your back

  • Postures that ease pain so that the back can heal and you can get back to your life again.

  • What to do when you have back pain, a strain or injury for the back to ease pain and heal quickly.

  • We will learn postures and  lifestyle adjustments to protect and take care of the back.

  •   Enjoyable and easy to learn movement patterns and postures to develop strength, tone for the core and back.

  •  In our group we will learn the practices in manageable chunks, building each week.

  • Being in a supportive group to encourage and stay on track.

  • In addition to the live sessions  you will have access to the Back Care Portal where there are short practices to keep you in track.

It is important for you to commit to yourself and the course, having a short practice in between the sessions to get the results you are wanting. Knowing what to do and developing a practice for you helps to stabilise and strengthen the back, reducing the likelihood of a back episode happening in the future.

The results are a Happy back 😀

By the end of the back Care course you will have a 20 minute routine, which is recommended to practice 6 out of 7  days for about 30 days and then can be used as a maintenance about 2/3 times a week. A bit like brushing your teeth, we drip in the positive practices regularly to keep the strength and prevent weakness returning. 


I am so looking forward to sharing Back Care Course with you.

Please register your interest and I can let you know when the next course is running.


If you would prefer a more individualised program  you can book a series of one to one sessions with me.


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