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 Here, in the self care corner will be like coming home to a warm hug for your soul.

My intention is to increase well being, manage our stress and reduce anxiety.

Lets begin

Self care is not just about  about having bubble baths or spa days and Pampering yourself. Don't get me wrong I love doing all that!!


 Self care means taking care of yourself.

Taking responsibility for your wellbeing.

Getting to know who you are and what you need.


Committing to yourself the time and energy giving yourself what you need to be happy and healthy.


Below are your Videos and Practices. 


The wisdom of Slowing Down. 
The turning point of the Winter Solstice is ideal to listen to your hearts yearning to go inwards. Making the space to slow down, stop pushing and striving. 
Action- I will decrease my pace, create space to hibernate rest and reflect.

 6 Self-Care Tips which Take Less than a Minute

“I don’t have time.”

How often have you said that when it comes to self-care? We know it’s good for us, but other things take priority. 

Quite simply, you do have time. In fact, you have more time than you think.

Take a peep at the tips below for Self Care that will take you less than a minute to do.


Take a Deep Breath

Anytime you’re feeling tense or stressed out take several deep breaths, it will instantly press the reset button for you. 


Slow Down Your Next Meal

When is the last time you truly enjoyed your food? The next time you eat anything at all, pause in your chewing to savor the textures and flavors. By doing this you aid in digestion and rediscover the joy of eating all at the same time.



There is a lot to be said for a moment of silence. Calm racing thoughts, lower your heart rate, and relax fully into the moment by silencing your phone and electronics and just sitting with your eyes closed. Even doing this for just 30 makes a big difference. 


Look Around

A great technique for calming yourself but still engaging the mind actively is to take notice of something near you. Spend a full minute in exploring it, taking note of everything about it. What does it feel like? What colour is it? How does the light strike the surface? Close your eyes and see if you can recall this object in minute detail.



 Taking a one minute daydream. You can use this as a visualisation exercise for an added benefit by picturing someplace you’d like to visit or something you want to experience.


Show Gratitude

A thankful heart helps to shift how you see the world and is really good for your mood and self-talk. Think of something you’re grateful for. Or better yet, take a minute to write an email thanking someone in your life for something you appreciate about them. By taking a minute to yourself, you’ll be surprised at the impact this has upon your mental and physical self. 


Introducing my hot water bottle.

I have enjoyed re connecting with my hottie these last few days whilst my heating was having a rest. All fixed now but this little tigger is staying. 

And now I realise how comforting it is to hug and feel the warmth, a beautiful homely glow inside.

I adore my Tigger hot water bottle he has helped me during cold times and also easing discomfort.  

I invite you to fill up your hottie for some snuggly warm self care time.


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