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5 Elements

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 5 elements relaxations

Earth grounding relaxation with sound ba
00:00 / 23:29

Earth Relaxation with sound bath and Affirmation 


I am Grounded

My Spirit is grounded deep into the Earth

I am calm, strong, centred and peaceful.

I am able to let go of fear and trust that I am entirely safe.

I am worthy of all things Beautiful.

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Water flow
00:00 / 21:34

Relaxation with Meditation on Breath.

Constructive rest
Lie on your back with knees bent, feet hip width so that the knees are comfortably balanced. Support under head and neck so that the back of neck and throat are equal and forehead and chin are about the same height.
Hands resting on belly. Breathe into the belly feeling the hands rise, long exhalations (without forcing) softening, relaxing and letting go of all you need to let go of.

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Fire let go and release
00:00 / 20:56

Let go and release

Beauty arises in the Stillness of your presence By Eckhart Tolle

Beyond the beauty of the external forms there is more here:

something that can't be named, some deep inner holy essence.

Whenever and wherever there is beauty, this inner essence shines through somehow.

It only reveals itself to you when you are present.

Mind which lives in the past or future, can neither recognise or create beauty.

could it be that this nameless essence and your presence are one and the same thing?

Would it be there with out your presence?

Go deeply into it and find out for yourself.

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air of the heart relaxation Yam - 19:08:
00:00 / 17:11

Air of the Heart Relaxation with Yam mantra

I am Open to receive and Give Love

The Bija or seed sound for the Heart centre is Yam, lets bringing our attention onto this centre with this mantra. Enjoy the relaxation.

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Ether spaciousness and so hum I am That.
00:00 / 23:15

Relaxation with subtle energy of Breath and So Hum.


So Hum mantra is the mantra of the sound of the breath. It means I am That.

As we draw our attention onto the sound and flow of the breath we can dissolve into the subtle energy of all that is.

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