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Yoga in the New Forest

 Gift yourself your own Personal Retreat.

Your resources to plan your Personal Retreat Day.

Welcome to your own Personal Retreat experience.

To make this a beautiful and Nurturing Retreat for you. Take some time to prepare your space for comfort. And have everything around you that you will need.

 Drink of water, mat, blanket, small cushion for comfort under head. Turn off any distractions and let people know you will be in Retreat for a couple of hours.

take a deep Breath this is YOUR TIME..........

To create an intentional atmosphere of nurture for yourself.

Light a candle 

Have a relaxing or uplifting essential oil.

or Burn some instance. 


We begin with an opening meditation to calm the body and bring it into a relaxed place so you will be open to receive the positive benefits of your Retreat experience.

Get comfortable either on a chair or on the floor for a 5 minute meditation.

Opening Meditaton
00:00 / 05:17
35 minutes of Gentle nurturing movements and practices to increase vitality and wellbeing.  This Gentle practice begins on a chair so we can move into the hips whilst being supported, and so it is inclusive to all. I hope you enjoy.

Have a little drink of water and a comfort break if you need to then return for the floor practice

Deep Relaxation.
Settling into deep rest, we gift to ourselves this healing and stress relief.
You can do this relaxation lying down or seated in a chair. I like to make myself comfortable lying down with a blanket on top, pillow under head, eye pillow over eyes and  a support/bolster under my knees. This way my body feels fully supported and ready for letting go completely into the relaxation.
After you have finished your Retreat 
experience remember to drink lots of water and take the rest of the day gently, enjoying your connection to yourself .
Thank you for taking this time for yourself. I would love to hear your 
With Love
Ruth xx
Deep Relaxation
00:00 / 22:47


An Opportunity below for you if you are wanting more....

NEW PROGRAMME -Freedom with Age​

I am looking to work Online with a few select people at the beginning of next month. The outcome of the programme is simple: To strengthen and condition your body as you get older, so you can move freely and do the things you love without the frustrating pain and stiffness.

If you are interested and this sounds like you please fill out the form here and I'll send you more information.  

This programme is for you if :

  • You are around your 50s or beyond but you still feel young at heart.

  • You are experiencing pain or stiffness as you get older and noticing your body is holding you back from doing your active sports and activities.

  • You have lost mobility and confidence from an injury or inactivity for a period of time. 

  • You are committed to showing up for yourself to get the results. (recommended 2 -3 hours a week)

  • You are willing to invest in this 16  week programme to get the results you desire.

This programme is not for you if:

  • you are unable to get up and down from the floor ( it doesn't matter if it takes you a while) 

  • You are advised by doctors to not do movement practices for medical reasons.

  • You are not committed to helping your body become the best it can

Want to Know More?

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