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Freedom with Age.

A  12  week  Online Programme 


Thanks so much for your interest in Freedom with Age.

Rather than do a fancy landing page, I put everything together in this un-fancy page.


The outcome of the programme is simple: To strengthen and condition your body as you get older, so you can move freely and do the things you love without the frustrating pain and stiffness.


I've called this programme Freedom with Age - because that's our focus, giving you more freedom to do all the activities you love, without the typical injuries and aches you may otherwise experience as you get older. 


We’re going to solve the 3 big problems that stop you moving freely and confidently as you get older. 

The solutions to these problems will be woven together into the learning pathway of FREEDOM WITH AGE giving you a clear guide to follow.


Problem 1: Feeling weak and injuring yourself more easily. 

You find that your body is slowing down and it's frustrating when you have another injury as it puts you back for weeks.

Even though you work out and fitness/ health has always been a priority, you feel weak and injure yourself far more easily than you used to. 

You have entered a phase of life where the rules have changed and your body is not playing the game anymore. 

For example: 

You play a game of tennis and twist, your back tweaks and the pain in your knee is there again. You fear you will not be able to play for a couple of weeks

You go for a run and all of a sudden you are leaking.

You move quickly and/or  reach down to pick up something from the floor, and your back hurts.


You are frustrated because you consider yourself as a fit, healthy and an active person and you feel like your body is letting you down,  but you are not going to sit back and accept that anymore. It doesn't have to be that way. You're in control 


Answer : Develop Strength and Stability in the front and back of the body


  1. Through a simple process you will understand that your body has entered into a different season of its life and you will learn about your body in a different way so you can stay active, avoiding injury. 

  2. You will be guided in a powerful, yet low impact process to accelerate your strength and stability in your center, developing core functionality. Core functionality is building strength and condition into your body's center (front and back), reducing back pain, enabling you to stay active and not give up on the things you love as you get older.

  3. Next, we will harness  the hidden power of the breath and posture into strengthening our core. These simple practices will be a life changer for your core and pelvic floor strength, and once learnt can be woven into your day without having to put aside time for a formal practice. 



The result: You’ll see differences in the tone of your tummy, relief of pain in your back and developing stronger back and Pelvic floor. 



Problem 2: Feeling Stiff. 

As you get older more and more areas of your body are crying out for help; just getting out of bed in the morning you are aware of stiffness and how tight the body is.

You get down to the floor to play with your grandchildren and find it difficult to get back up.

You have “moving” aches and pains in your body.

You find yourself protecting certain joints eg the knees as you kneel and move around.

You feel creaky and want your body to move freely and easily.

Your body can't do what it used to but you are not going to sit back and accept that anymore. It doesn't have to be that way. You're in control 


Answer: Gain Mobility and Flexibility. 


  1. We start by getting the body talking to itself and becoming more connected and fluid. You’ll implement the Freedom Process, which is a series of effective somatic flow sequences that increase your range of movement, mobility and flexibility to build new pathways of movement in your body. 

  2. Next, we will focus on your major joints and learn the Joint Freeing Systems which show you ways to free up tired and stiff areas in and around our joints. This involves releasing tension (micro-fascia) around the joints , encouraging fluid and lubrication of joints and self massage to increase blood flow and healing. 

  3. Finally, we’ll make the practices your own using intuitive movement. This means you will go at your own pace, building strength and stability with mobility and flexibility. This approach helps you find an easy and achievable way to work with your body which yields the quickest and biggest results instead of fighting against it, which often causes injuries.


The result: We feel life becoming easier as our body moves happily. We can joyfully pick up the pen from the floor, catch the glass that slips off the counter, and whiz around tidying the house in a frenzy when we know someone is coming round any minute. 


Problem 3: Feeling limited in what you do and Lacking confidence in Movement

Often after an injury or not moving for a while we move with caution and lack confidence in ourselves and consequently feel we can not do things. You begin to avoid doing things you love and this leads to inactivity and further lack of confidence. This is frustrating when you still feel young at heart and you still dream of climbing mountains and having adventures. You want to be having adventures into your 80s  to experience life BUT you feel your body is letting you down. 


Answer: Reclaim your inner adventurer and get the confidence and trust back in your body and how you move.


  1. Nurturing our Confidence Inside and Out - We develop confidence in our movements, the tool kits to navigate both the “first aid” situations (if we have an injury), and the know-how to keep us healthy and strong. Plus feeding your inner confidence in yourself to pursue what is important to you as you get older. This gives us motivation and confidence to succeed.

  2. Becoming our own lifestyle detective we will implement a new rule book to health as we age. Knowing what practices build strength and increased movement. Now is the time when you start to notice that the game has changed and you need to find a new way to support and love your body as you get older.

  3.  When we feel good we tend to be more consistent with our healthy choices. The programme is filled with practices to support us feeling more alive and happy. I call these the Joyful Rituals. These will support you in developing your new habits, that feed your body and motivate you to want to do them. “Your future is hidden in your daily routines.” We create a plan that feels easeful and exciting for you to follow and enjoy. 


The result: You will have confidence in your body in movement, and strength so you can continue to be active and feel alive. 


After FREEDOM WITH AGE You will feel stronger, have greater range of movement and flexibility and feel confident as you navigate this next season of your life without the frustrating pain and injuries.

AND Here’s how you and I will work together to make this happen:


The System: We’ll  partner together for 12 enjoyable weeks. You’ll progress through the FREEDOM WITH AGE  learning pathway reaching certain ‘milestones’ during the programme and be supported along the way. 


You’ll be seeing results by the end of our first month together, if you are implementing the programme. The more consistent and engaged in the programme you are, will yield better results. We all know that real lasting health changes take time. And our goal by the end of the time together is that you have the resources you need to keep your body in tip top condition moving into your senior years. The programme content is there for you 24/7 in the FREEDOM PORTAL and is something you can refer back to at any time, the resources will remain there for you as long as the interwebs is around. 


The Support and Guidance: You and I will meet every week on a group zoom call. ( Wednesday evenings 6pm -7pm) The zoom calls are where you can get my help on anything you’re needing in the programme, it is an interactive workshop. We’ll go through some short practices together. You’ll get my full 100% attention to work on whatever you need. We will also be connected in our Facebook group and via email, so you can always feel supported and feel you are making progress. 


You will have an initial 1 to 1 on zoom, the purpose of this 30 minute meeting is to assess where you are right now and to make the program super specific to your needs, so I can support you during our time together most effectively. 


The Community: During our 12 week partnership, you’ll be a part of the FREEDOM WITH AGE  community on Facebook, surrounded by others who are in the same boat as you. This sense of support and comradeship is priceless. Friendships are made. You will be assigned an accountability partner, which switches every few weeks so you can get to know everyone in the group in a more individual way, invaluable to motivate and inspire and stay accountable along the way.


The learning pathway of Freedom with Age will be delivered in many ways, all in bite sized manageable chunks, which is available for you to consume in our private FREEDOM PORTAL 24/7. The resources are interactive meaning you are involved during the programme. We learn and get best results whilst doing ( not watching someone else do ) 

The learning pathway will include - 

Initial 30 minute 1 to 1, 5-15 minute  instructional videos, audios, meditations, relaxations, resources, weekly live zoom - a  problem solving workshop and our community support with facebook group where we share and develop accountability and consistency. All these resources keep you engaged, motivated  and moving forward. 


The requirements

This programme is for you if :

  • You are experiencing pain or stiffness as you get older and noticing your body is holding you back from doing your active sports and activities.

  • You have lost mobility and confidence from an injury or inactivity for a period of time. 

  • You are committed to showing up for yourself to get the results. (recommended 2 -3 hours a week)

  • You are willing to invest in this 12  week programme to get the results you desire.

This programme is not for you if:

  • you are unable to get up and down from the floor ( it doesn't matter if it takes you a while) 

  • You are advised by doctors to not do movement practices for medical reasons.

  • You are not committed to helping your body become the best it can


You may have tried other programmes and courses which have seemed dry “just press and play on your own at home” which is not such fun and usually motivation dwindles with time. Meaning you do not get the results. Freedom with Age is structured to hold your hand through each process, keeping you engaged and moving forward . Unlike other programs we draw upon accessible and effective ways to develop strength, flexibility and confidence as we age. 


What’s all this gonna cost me?

The investment for this Beta group is £695 

There is an option to pay in 3 monthly installments of £250


OK so how do I join FREEDOM WITH AGE?

If we’ve already spoken, simply send me a message with the words ‘I’m in’ and I’ll get you set up.

If we’ve not yet spoken, and you feel ready to begin  please schedule your 15 minute  progress call where we’ll have a chat and see if this is the right programme for you. If it is, we can arrange your initial zoom 1 to 1.

I am excited to meet you  and I’d absolutely love for you to join us. 

With love



We are beginning next month with our first beta group. Which means you are my first group to go through this particular system (although as you know I have been teaching this work in different forms for over 20 years). You will get lots of attention, a reduced price, as this is the first time running and I ask  for your feedback and testimony in return so the program can continue to evolve and grow. You will have access to all the Freedom Portal materials even after the programme finishes and any updates and additions to the programme in the future. 



Before joining the programme, we will speak 1-1 so this goes some way to ensure that we both feel FREEDOM WITH AGE  is the right programme for you.

I also have a ‘Love It or Leave It’ Guarantee. My plan is for you to love the programme FREEDOM WITH AGE and want to stay for the full 12 weeks.  If, however, you join and it doesn’t feel right for you, you can leave within the first 7 days with a refund and we’ll part as friends (with just the admin fee of £45 retained.) 

I would not want to have anyone on the programme who is not invested or does not want to be there…… 


Your Next Step is to schedule your 15 mins call where we can discuss if Freedom with Age is the right programme for you.

If you are joining Freedom with Age and decide to remain in the yoga portal, that cost will be either discounted from the cost of the programme or you get the Yoga Portal for free during the half terms the programme is running. Hopes that makes sense......

Ruth xx

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