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Here is your Freebie.

All you have to do is follow along to the video. And you will see your body responding with more mobility at the end. 

Once we have tools to manage our tightness, pain or restrictions in the body, life becomes so much easier. We can do all the things we love. 


An Opportunity below for you if you are wanting more....

Starting after Easter - you choose online or in-person classes.

In these classes, we will focus on gentle, yet effective poses that promote strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation.


You don't need to have any prior experience with Yoga, nor do you need to be flexible or fit. This is a safe and inclusive space where everyone is welcome.


I truly believe that Yoga can make a huge difference in our lives, both physically and mentally. It can help us manage stress, improve our sleep, boost our immune system, and enhance our overall well-being. So why not give it a try


All details click links at top of page.


At present there is one place remaining for the Tuesday in-person class and just a couple of places left for the Wednesday morning class.

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