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Yoga in the New Forest



Nourishment of the Soul

Sunday 23th August 2020

9am til 1pm 

Online Zoom Program



I invite you to step away from all the craziness and uncertainty in the world right now, and PAUSE .......put aside time for yourself to immerse in the healing nurturing 

practices of yoga.


Loving prayers and love to you all in these challenging changing times. I do hope you are well and despite the unsettling times are finding peace in your hearts.


Living on Mother Earth right now we are having to adjust our daily routines, behaviour and ways of communicating and interacting with each other. Supporting each other and strengthening the one sense of community by using all the tools there are available to us.

All yoga, meditation and relaxations are online now, either live or as recorded videos and audios.


Our yoga and meditation practice is needed more than ever on this planet. It gives us an easily accessible way to feel that steady sense of security and safety ........always available to us through the infinite peace of the heart.  Movement keeps the body grounded. Join me for some Online practices to stay centred in this unsettling time.

Hi there

Thank you for visiting my website.

I'm Ruth and I'd love to inspire you to practice yoga. Yoga is for everyone..... it is my passion and has become so much a way of life for me I can't help but want to share that with you.

Yoga is all the techniques and practices that you will need in your tool box for ease in the body, peace of mind and finding a deeper connection with  yourself and that around you. 

My teachings bring together somatic movements with traditional yoga, bringing a healing quality to the practice. 

I look forward to meeting you soon

With love and Blessings


See below........... what to expect in a class 


Class experience

During my classes I hope to facilitate people to move safely and enjoyably, to find a deep connection within themselves and leave feeling nourished and stretched.

Bringing the focus of our attention to the Heart centre, our spiritual home, our experience during the class is one of staying connected and present. (Heart meditation)

The movement practice of somatic yoga brings us to a beautiful awareness of ourselves and the potential to bring more ease and range of movement within the body. I like to have different themes to the classes to keep them fresh and inspiring.

The classes have a friendly atmosphere, everyone enjoying sharing the experience together, so the energy in a class is a very healing happy place where we smile often.

Towards the end of the class I often sprinkle thoughtful readings to contemplate and  gentle music where appropriate to create a relaxing atmosphere.  During the relaxation calming sound instruments are frequently used (bowls and chimes) to experience a deeper connection and peace.  


The class tends to follow this structure:

opening chants, warm ups, movement practice including somatic flows and traditional yoga postures, deep relaxation, breathing practices, meditation and closing chants and prayers.


When the opportunity arises we go outside, enjoying our yoga practice with the earth, sun and gentle wind, uniting our practice with nature.  A wonderful inspiring experience leaving us full of vitality. All the class venues have beautiful outside spaces. 

On the days we are inside, the halls have large windows and french doors that overlook the forest, giving us a lovely view of the outside.

All of the weekly classes integrate the Somatic yoga flows. The multilevel yoga explores more  dynamic movements and the gentle yoga offers a softer approach. 

if you would like to know more or join one of the classes please do get in touch  and my newsletter is a good way of staying in  the loop, please do sign up .

Yoga for backs class.  I have done yoga for many years and wondered if I would learn anything and I did. It has been informative, recuperative and I met lovely people.

M. Holbury

A wonderful class for those who have or are experiencing back pain. All very positive and welcoming.


Lost myself in beautiful music, movement and realised a new level of spiritual connection. Thank you.


I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the stretches and I feel they have eased several areas of my back. Thank you Ruth.

Jackie 2016

Ruth is a very professional and caring teacher who knows how to put people at ease.

John 2015

Ruth is so encouraging. She helps you realise that you can bring core practice into everyday living like the supermarket queue! Thank you for putting me on track.


Yoga for backs class. This has given me the confidence to deal with the low moments and given me loads of energy and to believe that by exercise you see improvements. Yoga has now become a part of my life.

Pete 2016

Many thanks for an energising and healing course and for the light, enthusiasm and safe holding of this space.

Mark 2015