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Inspiring and Empowering you to stay as young in body as you feel at heart. 
Mobility, Strength, Confident Easeful Movement, Stress relief and Joy of Living as we get older.

 Find A Programme for You.


Practices that have a real positive impact on your life. 

The result is to strengthen and condition your body as you get older, so you can move freely and do the things you love without the frustrating pain, stiffness and injuries.


We do this by using a combination of effective somatic movement flows, heart centred intuitive movement, energy practices, meditation, self massage, deep relaxations and breathwork. 



in-person classes

Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings

9-30am til 11am  

Pilley New forest

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21 Days on your Mat

A 21 day Course with bitesized  manageable video classes of 15/20mins each day.

Inspiring and guiding you in a daily practice on your mat.


Coaching Packages 

5 or 10 weekly

Coaching 1 to 1 sessions

Begin with a free call where we can explore where you are, create a clear path, uncover challenges that might be standing in your way AND discuss how coaching can help you. 

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Online Zoom classes and  Yoga Portal, a resource bank of practices all recorded for you 24/7



In Person Mini Retreat

Heart centered practices to connect in body, breath and mind.

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Exploring Yoga through the 5 Elements

A 5 week course with Gentle and Multilevel recorded videos, relaxations and practices.

Earth, water, fire, air and ether. Over 10 hours of videos, both Gentle and Multilevel, with mudras affirmations and relaxations. 




A Season of Self Care


A 4 month journey of transformational self care.


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Lets talk about pelvic floor, core strength and alignment.


"Yesterday mornings class was a joy  !

These are such strange times but it means so much to me to be able to invest some time each week to join your wonderful classes.

Thank you so much for all of your support."

Thanks for the beautiful session tonight Ruth. I loved the somatic movements and was amazed at what difference it makes!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am very happy with the content and make up of your weekly classes. I am always in awe of how you can produce such a variety of postures and practices for us and thy are all different! Every session I have ever been to is like that (and I have attended a fair few!!)

Yoga by the Sea

"Wow, enjoying the Yoga Portal, bit like a child in a sweetie shop ... 

I followed another of your multilevel yoga class, the last one of last term I think it was, enjoyed it very much. I followed it with the Earth Gong meditation... loved it.

I'm aiming to try out another class today... 

Thank you for your wonderful gifts…"

"An amazing uplifting , nurturing experience. Ruth is a fantastic teacher with a kind loving energy."

Ruth’s classes are a real treat.

She has an infectious enthusiasm for yoga. 

Highly recommend.

A great experience.

Laughing Yoga

" Just wanted to say how great the portal is, I love how it is  easy to use and  ordered, with so much to choose from. I love the little quotes and pictures dotted in between. I am particularly enjoying the 21 days on mat section where I can choose a short practice followed by a yoga nidra, I am loving the Earth relaxation with the sound bowls at the end.

Thank you "

"I left feeling nurtured, energised and peaceful."
" I look forward to collecting my prescription of calm from you! "

I often want to tell you haw easeful my body feels after your beautiful classes, thank you.

To get more support and free practices fill in the form below and I'll send your first 


Increase Back Mobility

You are 8 minutes away from moving with more freedom.

Thanks an email will be on its way to you in the next couple of minutes. If it goes astray please check your junk folder.

Back stiffness and pain is so common. And sometimes we need a little help to release some of the built up tension around this area. Especially if we have been hunched over our work station for too long and our posture has taken a hit. 


I wanted to share a wonderful and

effective back release that I use when I'm feeling tight in this area. Its a very short practice which includes gentle movements which will give you instant increase in mobility around the back.

I hope you enjoy this little practice.



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